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digital x-ray diagram of wisdom teethHumans develop a total of 32 adult teeth. 28 of these teeth usually erupt by the age of 13. The last 4, however, do not come in until you reach your late teens into your early 20s. The last to come in, the wisdom teeth, are also the teeth that are most likely to cause issues. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe pain, and can interfere with the normal functions of your mouth. They can also put your oral health at risk for serious complications. Brian K. Rounds, DDS can help to restore the health of your mouth with wisdom tooth extractions.

Consequences of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

While any tooth can become impacted, it is most common with wisdom teeth. A tooth that is impacted is one that cannot properly erupt through the gums. It may only be able to erupt partially, or it may not be able to erupt at all. Impacted teeth may be blocked by bone or tissue, or maybe growing at an awkward angle. When your wisdom teeth are impacted, you can be faced with some serious complications.
•  Overcrowding. For many individuals, the jaw is not large enough to accommodate the wisdom teeth. As a result, as they attempt to erupt, the wisdom teeth begin to force your other teeth out of proper alignment, leading to overcrowding and other serious dental issues.
•  Tooth damage. For some, the wisdom teeth grow at an angle. If they are angled toward your healthy teeth, they can eventually hit these teeth, causing fractures below the gum line.
•  Cysts. A cyst is a fluid-filled sac that can sometimes form as a result of an infection. Cysts continue to grow over time. Without treatment, they can cause serious damage to the jawbone and even lead to the need for bone grafting.
•  Localized infections. If your wisdom teeth only partially erupt, they can be difficult to keep clean. Plaque, bacteria, and other debris can collect and cause a localized infection called pericornitis.

Diagnosing Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Pain at the back of your jaw is one of the most symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth. If you are experiencing pain, it is important that you seek treatment right away. Diagnosing impacted wisdom teeth requires a thorough oral exam, complete with X-rays. First, we look over your mouth, checking your teeth and your gums. With X-rays, we can see the areas below your gum line. We can see exactly what your wisdom teeth are doing as well as determine the presence of any cysts or damage to adjacent teeth. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, we can then make a treatment plan for extraction.

Restoring Your Oral Health with Wisdom Tooth Extraction

There are two types of extractions that used for removing teeth. One is a simple extraction. This procedure involves gripping the affected tooth and moving it back and forth to widen the socket so that it can be pulled free. With impacted wisdom teeth, we often perform a surgical extraction. First, incisions are made in the gums to expose the wisdom teeth and the surrounding jawbone. We are then able to remove the teeth. In some instances, we may need to remove small amounts of bone that are blocking the teeth, or we may need to section the teeth and remove them in pieces. After the teeth have been removed, we clean the areas and suture your gums closed. With your wisdom teeth extracted, your oral health will improve, and your pain will be alleviated.

If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain and interfering with your daily life, extracting them can alleviate your discomfort and restore the health of your mouth. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, call Brian K. Rounds, DDS at (360) 764-5236 today.

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If you are experiencing pain in your wisdom teeth, they may be impacted and should be removed. Dr. Rounds can perform wisdom tooth extractions at our dental offices in Lacey, WA. Click to learn more.
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