Treatment of Abscessed Teeth

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Treatment of Abscessed TeethAbscessed teeth originate from bacteria in the mouth which causes the formation of lesions that are painful and cause bad breath. Dental abscesses occur in two ways depending on the area of infection in the mouth.

Types of Abscessed Teeth

A Periapical abscess is a bacterial infection that attacks the teeth and causes the development of lesions in the root of the teeth. It occurs due to trauma or deep cavities that have not been appropriately treated. Therefore, to avoid forming this type of abscess, it's necessary to eliminate any holes in the teeth.

Periodontal Abscess occurs through the accumulation of pus in lesion forms due to attack by periodontal conditions such as periodontitis. Thus, to avoid this abscess from forming, periodontal control and maintenance are essential.

Treatment of Abscessed Teeth

Use of Antibiotics

In the encounter with abscessed teeth, dentists prioritize saving the teeth. Therefore, dentists may recommend taking prescribed antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. A common antibiotic to take is Rhodogil which is a widespread drug.

Endodontic Treatment

A Periapical abscess is usually treated with an endodontic procedure. The dentist drains the infections from the teeth and seals the ducts, thus preventing the reoccurrence of the abscess lesions.

Tooth Extraction

If the abscessed tooth affects the gums of the teeth and the adjacent teeth, tooth extraction is usually the suitable treatment to treat the abscess. The severe bacterial infections within the teeth may cause further damage when left to remain; thus, extracting the teeth is necessary.

Dental Curettage

Also known as scaling and root planing is a suitable treatment for abscessed teeth as it eliminates the periodontal pockets through deep dental cleaning.

If you have abscessed teeth and don't know how to deal with them, visit our dental clinics to make an appointment with us for successful treatments.
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