My Dental Implants Are loose

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Brian Rounds, DDS
My Dental Implants Are looseDental implants help to replace lost teeth effectively. They're different from conventional dental prostheses since they mimic the root. Loose dental implants are not a good sign.

It may not appear as an issue initially, but it is a warning sign. First, contact your implant dentist to make an appointment so they can diagnose the problem. Your dentist will undertake a visual exam and diagnostic imaging to determine the problem. Using these findings, they'll create a specific treatment plan to restore your smile's health.

A Dentist Can Help Fix Your Loose Dental Implants

First, see your implant dentist to determine what is causing the wobble. Your dentist will do a physical exam and use diagnostic imaging to diagnose you. Using this data, they'll build a personalized treatment plan to restore your smile.

Some of the treatment plans include using peripherals if the wiggles result from a loose repair or socket, the dentist may be able to fix or replace it to reestablish your smile. A night guard might be used as a custom-fit dental device that cushions between the upper and lower arches. This protects teeth from being ground down or clenched during sleep.

Your dentist might use tissue engineering. It is a procedure your dentist may use to strengthen any weak spots in your jaw. To begin the bone healing process, your dentist may need to remove your dental implants.

Unfortunately, if there is Infection, bone loss, or injury may need removal of dental implants. Your dentist can re-establish healthy gums and bones to get your back into your dental implants.

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