Drugs Alcohol and Oral Health

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Drugs Alcohol and Oral HealthUnhealthy habits such as drug abuse and alcohol consumption have adverse effects on your well-being and your teeth. Examples of these types of drugs being abused are methamphetamine and tobacco. We are focused on educating you about the effects of abusing these drugs and how to prevent the risk of damaging your teeth.


Smokers who ingest tobacco into the body through smoking or sniffing have a high chance of having gum disease due to the buildup of bacterial plaque. These plaques affect the bones and tissues of your gums, which results in the development of gum diseases. It also prevents blood flow to your gums, slowing down the healing process.


It is commonly known as meth, and it leads to tooth decay, tooth loss, and a condition known as bruxism. The usage of meth is attributed to you neglecting good oral hygiene. This is through failing to brush your teeth to remove food particles. The bacteria found in your mouth feed on these food particles, producing acid which attacks the enamel. The craving for sugary foods and drinks intensifies tooth decay, resulting in tooth loss. Bruxism is a condition where you grind or clench your teeth, causing them to wear out.


A high number of people enjoy the consumption of alcohol, which is harmful to their teeth. Fermented sugars found in alcohol may speed up the process of tooth decay due to bacterial plaque buildup with some alcoholic drinks being acidic like white wine, beer, and cider. It will result in tooth erosion. Consuming alcohol also results in having a dry mouth, making it difficult for saliva to protect your enamel from tooth decay or tooth erosion.

For more information on the effects of drugs and alcohol on your teeth, visit us and our specialists will be happy to receive you.

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