What To Do When You Have Knocked Out Tooth

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Brian Rounds, DDS
What To Do When You Have Knocked Out ToothA knocked-out tooth is a medical condition that requires emergency measures depending on its severity. If you have a knocked tooth, we recommend that you try putting it back to its position and bite down on a piece of clothing to keep it in place. Then visit our offices as soon as possible for further consultations and interventions. However, placing the tooth in its original position should only be done in the case of a permanent tooth. Never place back a knocked-out milk tooth. If you fail to put back the tooth, our specialists suggest putting the knocked tooth in a milk bottle and rushing to our offices.

Role of the dentist

If you successfully manage to place the tooth back, our dentists will examine if the tooth is correctly placed via the x-rays. We will then place a splint on either side of the tooth to hold it firmly for the next few days.

If you cannot place your tooth back, we will numb the section where the tooth was knocked off and reposition it. We will then conduct x-rays to ensure the tooth is in the right place and then add a splint to hold it in place.

Lost tooth

If you cannot find the knocked-out tooth, worry not, as plenty of intervening measures exist for you. We can replace the lost tooth with a denture, a removable fake tooth. We can also place a dental bridge where we cement a fake tooth on both sides, making it permanent. Lastly, we can place an implant. In this case, we shall insert a titanium screw into your jawbone and later take a mold to start creating a custom-made fake tooth. Visit our practice today and get the best advice and recommendations that suit your situation and needs.
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