Best Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid with Braces

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Best Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid with BracesIf you have braces, you'll want to take extra care of your teeth by eating foods that are good for dental health and avoiding foods that could harm your braces. Here are some tips on what to eat – and not eat – with braces.

Foods to Eat with Braces

There are plenty of foods that are good for your teeth and braces when you're eating with braces. Some of the best choices include crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, celery, and broccoli. These foods help clean your teeth as you eat them, and they also stimulate saliva production which helps to protect your teeth against bacteria and decay.

Other great options include lean protein sources like chicken or fish, low-fat dairy products, whole grain breads and cereals, and sugar-free gum or candy. All of these foods promote good oral health while being gentle on your braces.

If you're looking for something sweet, try sugar-free ice cream or sorbet instead of regular ice cream – it has the same great taste without the sugar.

And finally, remember to drink plenty of water every day; it helps keep your teeth healthy and clean.

Foods to Avoid with Braces

Just as there are foods that are good for braces, there are also foods that you should avoid when wearing braces. Sticky and chewy foods like gummy bears, caramel, or taffy can get stuck in your braces and cause damage or irritation. Hard candy can also do serious harm to your braces – it's best to avoid it altogether.

Other problematic foods include crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots (which can damage brackets and wires), citrus fruits (which can erode tooth enamel), and popcorn (which can get stuck in your brackets).

Eating with braces can be a little tricky, but with these tips you should be able to navigate the food world without any problems. Just remember to take it easy on the sticky and chewy foods, eat plenty of crunchy fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water. And if you're ever unsure about whether a food is safe for braces, talk to your orthodontist.
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