A New Filling Can Result in an Uneven Bite for a Short Time

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Weo Admin
A New Filling Can Result in an Uneven Bite for a Short TimeFillings are used in sealing cavities that have not penetrated deep into the tooth roots. With medical advancement, the procedure is done under anesthesia without causing discomfort to the patient. However, after getting your filling, it is common for you to experience an uneven bite for a while. This is because, by the time you are leaving our office, your tooth may still be numb. If you experience this, do not hesitate to call us for corrective treatment to relieve the pain, boost your confidence and improve your oral health.

Uneven Bite

After the placement of a filling, it is common to experience an uneven bite, also called a high bite. This happens when the filling placed on your biting surface is uneven with its opposing tooth. With a high filling, your filling will contact the opposing tooth before your other teeth. This action causes the high filling to apply pressure to your tooth's tender parts, causing pain. However, this should not worry you as we can fix it at our office.

What to Do If You Have an Uneven Bite

After filling your cavity, we will ask you to bite down and let us know if you feel any pain or discomfort. We will also ask you to grind your teeth in various directions, and any discomfort will be a sign of a bite problem. Given that you will be under sedation, it is unlikely that you will notice any bite problems until you get home. However, the bite problem should last for two weeks, after which your teeth should adjust to the new filling. If you are still experiencing a bite problem after this duration, you should schedule an appointment with us. To fix an uneven bite, we will smoothen out you are filling to ensure a natural fit with the opposing tooth or remove the filling and place it afresh. For more details on fillings and their effects on your bite, contact our office today.
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