Does Everyone with Bruxism Need a Mouthguard?

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Does Everyone with Bruxism Need a Mouthguard?Bruxism or teeth grinding can occur during the day or night. If it happens at night, you will experience headaches and facial pain when you wake up, signaling that you have the condition. Bruxism can also cause teeth damage, creating the need for a mouthguard. While a mouthguard is one of the most common treatment options, not everyone will need one. Other treatment options for bruxism include stress management, behavioral change, and healthy eating.


Depending on the frequency and time you experience bruxism, a mouth guard may or may not be necessary. If your bruxism is infrequent, you do not need a mouthguard. However, with an increased frequency of at least three or more times a week, your teeth will likely damage, and wearing a nightguard if you experience nighttime bruxism is necessary. You can also consult us for custom made mouthguards that have a better fit to manage bruxism. This is because bruxism can cause irreversible damage to natural teeth requiring restorative treatment, which can be costly.

Other Methods of Managing Bruxism

Mouthguards are ideal for protecting your teeth, especially if you experience nighttime bruxism. If your bruxism results from other triggers such as stress, you can manage it by embracing stress management techniques such as counseling, meditation, and exercise. Where heavy consumption of caffeine and alcohol triggers your bruxism, you should either reduce or quit consumption. Eating foods rich in calcium and healthy vitamins will also help manage bruxism by replenishing and strengthening your teeth.

To manage bruxism, we will also guide you on behavior change such as mouth and jaw positioning to stop the habit. We will also diagnose and treat any underlying disorders such as sleep apnea and medical conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) that trigger bruxism. Finally, before settling for a treatment option on your own, you should visit us for diagnosis and recommendation. For more details on managing bruxism, contact our office today.
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