Myths Associated with Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Myths Associated with Cosmetic DentistryThe main purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of your smile. However, cosmetic dentistry also provides a lot of oral health benefits.

There are many people who want a beautiful smile but are afraid to go to the dentist because they believe the plethora of baseless myths surrounding cosmetic dentistry. At Brian K. Rounds, DDS, Brian K. Rounds, DDS and assure you there is no truth to these misconceptions.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Not Necessary

Some people think that cosmetic dentistry is an unnecessary expense that is done only to fuel one's vanity. However, cosmetic dentistry also offers oral health benefits.

Bonding and veneers can protect a tooth with weakened enamel or chips and prevent sensitivity and further damage. Clear aligners can fix misaligned teeth and eliminate gaps which can result in plaque accumulation and increase the risk of cavities and periodontal disease.
If you have any of the above issues, we at Brian K. Rounds, DDS can fix them.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Cause Teeth Damage

Cosmetic dentistry does not cause tooth damage. As dentists, it is our priority that we ensure the optimal health of your teeth. In fact, most cosmetic dentistry procedures protect your teeth from damage and disease.

This myth is particularly associated with teeth whitening treatments that use bleaching agents to whiten your teeth. Some people believe the bleach can erode your teeth and inflame the gums; however, the ADA has approved these whitening agents as safe for use.

At Brian K. Rounds, DDS, we can ensure your teeth whitening procedure goes smoothly with no side effects.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Painful

This might have been true several decades ago. Today, however, we use advanced dental technologies and improved anesthesia to ensure all our patients have the most comfortable cosmetic dental treatment.

Even without anesthesia, some cosmetic dentistry procedures are very comfortable, including teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Dentistry Make Your Teeth Look Fake

Most of the A-list celebrities on TV have had some form of cosmetic dentistry done on their teeth. Rather than looking fake, their teeth look bright, white, and attractive. Rather than making teeth look fake, cosmetic dentistry restores the shape and shine of natural teeth.

So if you have a favorite celebrity whose smile you love, remember that you have the option to get that great smile too.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Expensive

The cost of cosmetic dental treatments varies from procedure to procedure. Treatments like teeth whitening and bonding are quite affordable and can help you get a bright white smile that boosts your confidence and protect your teeth from further damage.

Procedures that involve fixing the bite of your teeth are more expensive; however, they are also necessary for your dental health since they are not exclusively cosmetic dentistry procedures but also orthodontic procedures.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are safe, effective, minimally invasive, and in many cases, quite cost-competitive. It is not vanity to want to look your best, especially since a good appearance boosts confidence and is also required for certain jobs.

If you were afraid to get cosmetic dental treatment because of these myths, now you know that these statements carry no scientific weight. To schedule an appointment with us, call us at (360) 764-5236 today.

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