Teeth with Even Spacing Are Typically the Healthiest

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Teeth with Even Spacing Are Typically the HealthiestProperly aligned teeth host numerous benefits for an individual, some of them more obvious than others. The esthetic of evenly spaced teeth is important and is one of the main reasons that people sought orthodontic treatment, but they also reduce the risk of tooth decay and alleviate a speech impediment. With these reasons combined, teeth with even spacing are the healthiest option for an individual and makes orthodontic an important branch of dentistry.

Heath Benefits of Evenly Spaced Teeth

Evenly spaced teeth are easier to clean and therefore reduce your chances of developing oral complications like gum disease or tooth decay. If a patient has crowded teeth, one tooth may be in front of another, which makes it very difficult to effectively clean the oral cavity properly. When the teeth are evenly spaced, you can more effectively use flossing and brushing to reach all sides of a tooth. Gaps between teeth can also cause a lisp because the flow of air is altered from the norm. The closing of the gap can alleviate a lisp and make it easier for the individual to talk. Evenly spaced teeth also allow a patient to eat properly because the teeth will fit together better.

When the teeth are misaligned, it can cause problems with the bite, how the lower and upper jaw fit together, which can make it more difficult to eat. For example, if the canines, the sharp teeth either side of the incisors, are not pointed downwards, then it can make it difficult to chew tougher food items like meat. Not only does even spaced teeth make it healthier for the individual in terms of hygiene, it will also improve their confidence, as many people notice an improvement in their self-esteem after realignment. Contact our office to book an appointment with our oral professionals.
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