How Safe Are Digital X-rays?

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Brian Rounds, DDS
How Safe Are Digital X-rays?People who visit our office often express concern about x-rays. Are they safe? Today's digital x-rays are safe and helpful, as we make sure we take every precaution to ensure they are taken responsibly and can support our treatment plans. To give you an idea of the level of radiation, it would take 60 dental x-rays to equal the radioactivity you receive from eating foods, such as white potatoes, bananas, and lima beans, during the course of a year.

Why Digital X-rays Are Necessary?

We need to take digital x-rays to see what cannot be seen by the naked eye. This way, we can provide the best in dental care. For example, we use digital x-rays to identify tooth decay beneath fillings or between the teeth. They can also reveal bone loss related to gingivitis and help with the diagnosis of tumors or dental abscesses. We can also check on teeth that have been treated with root canal surgery. By using x-rays, we can also use the images as a reference when we place tooth implants, add braces, or make dentures.

How Often are Dental X-rays Needed?

While some people need to schedule x-rays every six months, along with their cleanings and checkups, other people may not need them as frequently. The need for imaging is based on a patient's age, medical condition, and overall dental health. Even if you have to have x-rays every six months, you are exposed to a fraction of the radiation that is emitted by other imaging devices. If you are still feeling concerned in this respect, we can further minimize any exposure by taking single images, providing lead coverings, or reducing the radiation setting. While radiation exposure is very minimal, we still want our patients to feel comfortable about their diagnoses and treatment plans.

Digital x-rays today have been proven to be safe for diagnosing dental conditions that cannot be seen during a visual exam. Therefore, keep that in mind when visiting our office. We place a priority on our patient safety. That is why we use the latest in digital imaging equipment. Give us a call today to schedule x-rays and a cleaning and exam.
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