Top Questions We Hear on Tooth Brushing Techniques

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Top Questions We Hear on Tooth Brushing TechniquesEveryone needs a different tooth brushing habit depending on their lifestyle choices and unique health needs. However, we generally recommend brushing at least twice daily for two minutes per interval. With the right brushing routine and techniques, you can stave off plaque and tartar buildup, cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems.

We might also recommend slightly varying tooth brushing techniques to patients depending on their unique personal needs. As such, we always strive to provide streamlined, personalized answers to questions that patients ask us about tooth brushing techniques. Read on to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about tooth brushing techniques.

How Should I Brush My Teeth?

With your toothbrush pointed at a 45-degree to your gums, apply short, soft strokes on just about each tooth. Touch on all the surfaces of your teeth, from the outer side to the chewing side and then the inner side. Apply vertical strokes when brushing the inner side of your teeth. Use a few back and forth strokes to brush your tongue to rid it of bacteria that cause bad breath. Rinse your mouth and toothbrush thoroughly after brushing. Store the toothbrush in an upright position in a cool, dry place.

When is the Best Time to Brush my Teeth?

We would recommend brushing after every meal, but it might be a hassle for time-pressed people. Brushing once every morning and evening is a good practice. That's because it usually takes 24 hours for plaque to harden, so brushing twice within that period will help keep your mouth constantly rid of hardened plaque. And if you're brushing after every meal, it's important to wait for at-least an hour before you brush after consuming acidic food or drinks that might soften your enamel temporarily.

As earlier noted, we tailor our recommendations for tooth brushing techniques based on each individual's unique personal needs. You can consult with our dentists today about the most effective tooth brushing techniques for you.

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