Do You Have to be Careful When Brushing Dental Bonding?

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Do You Have to be Careful When Brushing Dental Bonding?Some people choose to have teeth bonded for practical and aesthetic reasons. However, some of our patients wonder just how careful they need to be when they brush their bonded teeth. The following information will define bonding and how you care for bonded teeth.

What Is Dental Bonding and Why Is It Used?

Dental bonding is a method used to improve the appearance of cracked or chipped teeth and teeth that feature gaps. It is less expensive than using crown or veneers but the material (a resin) does not resist stains as well. The composite used to bond teeth is tooth-colored. We can bond teeth without the need for anesthesia unless we have to replace an old restoration, or we need to remove decay. To begin, we roughen the tooth to be bonded before applying the composite resin. The resin is then cured and hardened with an ultraviolet light. Afterwards, we shape and polish the resin to give it a natural look. This type of procedure requires minimal tooth removal, thereby making it possible to get several teeth bonded during one appointment.


How Should You Care for Bonded Teeth?

Bonded teeth will stain more easily where more expensive prosthetics, such as veneers and crowns, prove to be more stain-resistant and durable. As a result, patients to wonder how they should care for their bonded teeth. You can take care of bonded teeth just like you do your real teeth – brushing them twice a day for two minutes at a time and flossing them once a day. Use a soft toothbrush and brush firmly yet gently. You can also use a water flosser to remove excess debris between the teeth and get rid of plaque along the gum line.

If you would like to learn more about bonding, contact our office today. Do you have gaps in your smile or cracked or chipped teeth? If so, bonding can revitalize your smile and give your confidence a boost as well. Why not call us now for a consultation?
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