Things to Keep in Mind if a Filling Comes Loose

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Things to Keep in Mind if a Filling Comes LooseFillings are a mainstay in dental practice. Filings can be used to repair decayed teeth, fill out dental cavities, and even repair broken teeth.

It's definitely hard to remember a time when we did not have fillings. The problem with fillings, however, is that fillings, just like any surgical procedure, are likely to be subject to wear and tear with time.

How a Filling May Come Loose

Some of the reasons why a filling may come loose is if you constantly bite hard on foods, or if you experience trauma to the jaw. Sometimes a filling may come out without any preceding factor associated. When a filling comes loose, the region becomes exposed to food particles and may worsen a tooth decay. A loose filling may also be the reason for the development of tooth sensitivity.

What to do if a Filling Comes Loose

The first thing you should do is keep it. If you notice that a filling has come off, then keep it for our dentist. This will help our dentist decide whether it can be re-used, replaced, or simply discarded. Avoid misplacing it or trying to fix it back into the tooth socket.

Always seek the consult of our dentists if filling starts to loosen or even comes off. The earlier the filling is replaced, the less the likelihood of the development of another cavity where the filling previously sat. You also need to prevent accidentally swallowing the filling, especially if it is in a child.

Make sure to clean your teeth very well and rinse out the affected area every so often. Take note that you do not want to worsen the symptoms of tooth sensitivity. Eat from the unaffected side so that the exposed area doesn't get worse.

Make sure not to panic when a filling comes loose. It is a common occurrence which can be sorted without much trouble. Come see us if you need help with a filling. We're always here for you.
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