Times Where Dental Veneers Would Not Be The Solution For Your Dental Problem

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Jasmine Marshall
Times Where Dental Veneers Would Not Be The Solution For Your Dental ProblemDental veneers are a great way to reinvent your smile. They can help current common issues, from blemishes to simple cracks on your tooth.

Ideally, the veneers are made from materials that match the appeal of your tooth and are sized to camouflage with the rest of your dentition. While they may seem like a great solution for all your cosmetic woes oral-wise, there are situations when they will not be effective enough.

Replacing Entire Tooth

A simple crack in your tooth can be covered by a veneer. It acts as a mask to hide such an imperfection. However, in case a dental issue requires the removal of an entire tooth, they may not be the best option. The veneers are only to be used as a cover on an existing tooth. Instead, it would be better to replace the tooth using an implant.

Also, veneers aren't like Invisalign, which you can remove at will. When placed in your mouth, you will need an experienced dentist to remove them. In fact, they should bond with your tooth with time to form a continuous structure. As a result, if you work in an environment that might expose your teeth to the risk of injury, it might be wise to avoid them. Better yet, wear a mouth guard.

It Depends On Your Dentist's Thoughts

Veneers aren't for everyone. You should have us examine you to determine whether your dental condition truly needs them. If they work for you, we can offer them. Remember, veneers can be applied partially or to your entire tooth. For those conditions that veneers won't be a viable solution, we will suggest something better.

Sure, veneers will rejuvenate your smile, but they aren't a solution for all issues. With the right examination, you can pick a solution that fits your dental condition. Consult us to ensure that you preserve the spark of your smile.
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