How to Manage an Uneven Filling

Posted on 6/20/2019 by Brian Rounds, DDS
How to Manage an Uneven FillingWhen you have a cavity typically it gets filled. We spend a lot of time smoothing out the filling material and to some of our patients, they think we are just being little perfectionists. The fact is, you have to be a little bit of a perfectionist to be a good dentist.

When we apply a filling, we have to ensure that it hardens in the same shape that the original tooth was. This is because if the filling is uneven with the rest of your teeth, it affects your smile, your speech, and your bite. In addition, it can cause you other problems; pain being one of them. So how do you know if you have an uneven filling and can it be fixed? This is why we ask you to bite down once we fill your tooth. Only you can tell if it fits correctly.

Symptoms of an Uneven Filling

If you have an uneven filling the symptoms you have or your ability to notice it yourself depends to a large extent on which tooth was filled. If you have a problem with a molar, one of your back teeth, you may have trouble chewing. You may also have problems with the side of your mouth, particularly if the filling is too high. It may scrape against the tissue inside your mouth as you chew or talk.

No matter what tooth it is you may notice problems with your speech. It may be difficult to pronounce certain letters correctly. You could also start experiencing headaches for no apparent reason. This is a result of your jaw having to adjust to the unevenness so you can eat and talk. You could also start to experience pain in your jaw because the unevenness strains the muscles in your jaw.

Another problem you may have is that you may start clenching or grinding your teeth. This is your body trying to correct the problem itself. If you notice any of these problems and recently had a filling put in, make an appointment. We will be happy to correct the problem. It is a simple and painless process of grinding the filling into its correct form.
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