Why So Many People Fear Having a Root Canal

Posted on 3/30/2019 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Why So Many People Fear Having a Root CanalThe term “root canal” is enough to terrify anyone, even if you don't suffer from dental anxiety on a normal basis. However, is that fear justified? The truth is that many people fear and even avoid this procedure unnecessarily.

A Bad Reputation
Most people fear root canal treatment simply because of a bad reputation this procedure has acquired over the past. Most of this fear is associated with the pain that patients expect to experience. What they don't always know is that the field of dentistry has evolved and improved over the years. Today, new technologies and advances in sedation dentistry have made the procedure more comfortable than ever, and most people state that it feels no different than an average filling.

Root Canals Are Important

It is crucial that you follow up with root canal treatment if it is recommended to you. A root canal works to treat an infected tooth, ultimately saving it. A large cavity or crack that extends deep into the tooth often requires a root canal for treatment. Likewise, the failure of old fillings can allow bacteria into the pulp of the tooth, causing significant pain and sensitivity.

How They Work
A majority of root canal therapies can be completed in a single visit. A small hole is created in the infected tooth so that infected tissue can be removed. The inner workings of the tooth are cleaned out before the hole is filled with a rubber compound. Finally, a strong dental crown is placed over the tooth to keep the tooth safe, and it will also return the tooth to its original structure and function.

The more that you learn about root canal therapy, then the less scary the procedure will be. If you have questions or are simply worried about your upcoming procedure, please give us a call to discuss your concerns further.
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