3 Common Types of Mouth Infections

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Woman smiling in dental chair at Brian K. Rounds, DDS in Lacey, WAOpening the gates to a broader understanding of oral health, our focus shifts to a topic of paramount importance: common mouth infections. We will not go full-on science mode here. Instead, it is more like your friend giving you the lowdown on the three common troublemakers you might encounter. So get ready for a trip into the world of common mouth infections!

Cavities (aka Dental Caries)

First on the list, we have got the classic toothache culprit: cavities. They are like the sneak attack you did not see coming. One day, everything is fine, and the next, your tooth is having a full-on tantrum. These little troublemakers are caused by a team-up of bacteria and sugars partying on your teeth. The moral of the story: Brush those pearly whites and go easy on the sugar.


Next up, we have got gingivitis, the not-so-cool cousin of healthy gums. Imagine your gums doing a swollen samba, which is not the kind of dance you want them to do. Gingivitis is like the red flag that says, Hey, maybe you should up your oral hygiene game. It is all about inflamed gums bleeding when you brush, which is not a party you want an invite to. But the good news? It is reversible with some TLC for your gums.


Last but not least, we have got thrush (yeast), the unexpected dance party in your mouth hosted by Candida. It is like the uninvited guest causing white patches on your tongue and inner cheeks. This fungal fiesta often happens when your immune system takes a nap or you are on antibiotics. The remedy? A chat with your dentist and some good oral hygiene to kick Candida out.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it: the three musketeers of mouth infections. They are like those unexpected guests at a party, causing chaos. But armed with good oral habits and a bit of awareness, you can send these troublemakers packing and keep your oral health on point. Happy brushing, folks!

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