What Is Oil Pulling?

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Brian Rounds, DDS
African American couple smiling together after trip to Brian K. Rounds, DDS in Lacey, WAOil pulling can help enhance your oral health, which involves swishing edible oil for 3 to 20 minutes or holding it in your mouth every morning before eating or drinking anything.

The practice originated in India and is attributed to Ayurveda but becoming a common norm globally. Many people may view the practice as odd, but it can benefit your oral health. Here are some benefits of making it part of your oral hygiene routine:

Reduced Oral Infections

Your mouth is a hub of good and bad bacteria. The harmful bacteria lead to tooth decay and other dental infections. Oil pulling can help you remove these bacteria. The substance used in this practice is coconut oil which has antibacterial elements. This antibacterial effect strikes all bacteria saving you from oral infections.

Enhance Gingivitis Treatment

Plaque buildup provides a perfect hub for bacteria that hurt your gum health. The result is gingivitis infection which causes gum bleeding, red, and swelling. The recommended option for treating this gum infection is rinsing your mouth with antimicrobial substances. The lauric acid in coconut oil acts similarly, enhancing gum healing and reducing inflammation.

Freshen Your Mouth

Many people struggle with bad breath or halitosis. The condition occurs when food residues rot in your mouth, leading to bacterial growth and a bad smell. Oil pulling can help you deal with this problem by killing harmful bacteria. This aspect can help you freshen your mouth and achieve the desired breath.

Prevents Tooth Decay

Oil pulling helps fight cavities by killing bacteria that cause tooth decay. You can choose to use sesame or coconut oils for rinsing purposes. The practice also helps remove plaques and stains, which enhance teeth whitening. Making it a routine can guarantee a healthy and bright smile.

If you are starting to practice oil pulling, you should consider consulting a dentist. Visit our office for guidelines on getting the best results from this oral health care practice.
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