How do Dental Implants affect Mandibular Bone Density and Shape over Time?

Posted on 3/20/2023 by Brian Rounds, DDS
How do Dental Implants affect Mandibular Bone Density and Shape over Time?Dental implants impact the density and shape of the mandibular bone when attached for a long time. Tooth loss causes deterioration of the bone that supports and surrounds the tooth over time. If not addressed, it leads to failure and changes in the jawbone, leading to misalignment of the tooth and the jawbone.

However, dental implants play a significant role in maintaining mandibular bone density and shape. Dental implants prevent bone loss and lead to the maintenance of the original form of the bone.

When placed in the jawbone to treat a dental problem, the implant acts as a tooth root, allowing the necessary support to keep the tooth bone solid and firm, and healthy. With time the bone attaches to the implant, thus providing more strength to the mandibular bone hence preventing bone loss.

Restoring the Mandibular

Dental implants restore mandibular bone growth and development when attached to the teeth for a long time, thus leading to increased bone density. The increased bone density is essential for patients that suffer from teeth bone loss due to dental problems or missing teeth.

Also, as the dental implant restores the density, it causes the mandibular bone shape returns to its natural shape. Fixing the form prevents teeth misalignment and crooked teeth formation, a painful condition. Also, the restored part contains face alteration due to misaligned jaw bone.

However, it is necessary to know that oral hygiene and dental care practices are essential to maintain the longevity of dental implants. Poor dental procedures lead to dental issues such as tooth decay and gum diseases, leading to premature implant failure and thus causing bone loss.


To ensure that dental implants positively impact mandibular bone density, it is essential to maintain healthy oral hygiene practices and visit the dentist regularly for better long-term results.

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