Can I Treat Gum Abscess At Home

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Can I Treat Gum Abscess At HomeThe collection of pus inside the abscess may cause the surrounding region to be in excruciating pain and can make it challenging to consume typical meals without experiencing discomfort or sensitivity. Because your immune system is working overtime to fight off the infection, you may also be experiencing symptoms such as weariness, fever, or chills.

Regrettably, it is not feasible to safely undertake a gum abscess home treatment. You have to make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible because the pus has to be drained, the region needs to be cleaned and prepped for healing, and the oral cavity needs to be cleaned preventatively. The dentist may also give the patient antibiotics to contain the illness and stop further progress. In addition to that, they could prescribe pain medicine.

If required, your dentist may take x-rays to evaluate how far the infection has progressed, and they may choose to perform a root canal on a tooth that has been injured.

Contact A Dentist Immediately If You Have A Gum Abscess

In the end, no home remedy can effectively and safely cure a gum abscess. Because of the gravity of the situation and the risk of consequences, you should make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.

In addition, an abscess in the gum cannot heal on its own. If not treated, the infection inside a gum abscess may develop much deeper into the gums, potentially harming the teeth and other areas of the face. The discomfort you're now feeling may become worse. It is also possible for the infection to become sepsis, which then becomes a critical medical emergency that threatens the patient's life.

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