Do I Need Implants After An Extraction?

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Do I Need Implants After An Extraction?Regardless of the reason why you had to go through a tooth extraction, it is crucial that you know the importance of replacing the missing tooth. To maintain the health and functionality of your teeth and jaw, it is vital that you go through this procedure. Read on to learn about the benefits of replacing your extracted tooth.

Malocclusion Is A Risk

All your teeth have their specific function, they allow you to chew and facilitate the digestion process so that you get all the nutrients you need through food. Likewise, they serve as a support for word pronunciation, thus facilitating speech. Losing a tooth can also affect the aesthetics of your smile. However, these do not represent the greatest risks.

A malocclusion refers to a range of conditions that distort the alignment of your bite, and this can occur if you do not replace your extracted tooth. The teeth adjacent to the excess space from the extraction can move to try to fill it, which will negatively change the shape of your smile, which is a difficult defect to correct. In addition, it makes the tooth brushing process difficult, further harming your dental health.

Consequences of an Empty Tooth Socket

An empty tooth space can cause adjacent teeth to do something known as a super eruption. This occurs when a tooth tries to compensate for the lost tooth, growing excessively since there is nothing to stop it.

In addition to the risk of a misaligned smile or overgrown teeth, you are also at risk of bone loss. Without teeth to support your mouth area, your gums and jaw deteriorate from lack of stimulation. This will cause your facial anatomy to alter, plunging your lips and cheeks, giving you an older appearance. In our offices, we want to teach you about the importance of replacing extracted teeth. For more information, please come meet us for an appointment today!
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