Can Impacted Wisdom Teeth Lead To Significant Problems?

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Brian Rounds, DDS
Can Impacted Wisdom Teeth Lead To Significant Problems?The term "impacted" refers to the situation in which a tooth is unable to erupt normally into the mouth. Due to there being insufficient space, impacted teeth, in general, are unable to erupt through the gum and become fully functional.

Pain, infection, and damage to the teeth that surround the adult teeth are just some of the potential consequences of having them become impacted. It is possible for cavities to form in wisdom teeth or for germs to gather, both of which may contribute to gum disease since these parts of the mouth are hard to keep clean.

Microbes can enter circulation after traveling from the mouth to the rest of the body. Once there, they might make a significant contribution to widespread infections and diseases that harm the heart as well as other organs.

Discuss With Your Dentist Before Getting Your Teeth Extracted

First, you should discuss it with an oral surgeon. If you want to retain your wisdom teeth, you will need to ensure that you brush and floss your teeth thoroughly, paying specific attention to the areas where your molars are located. Your third molars need to be inspected and cleaned regularly by a dental expert. If you want to be sure that your teeth, gum tissue, and jawbone are all in good condition, you should have radiographs of your wisdom teeth once a year.

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